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Renowned five-star boutique hotel, Abalone House has crossed the threshold into the international hospitality arena. A coveted and highly-acclaimed Reuben’s restaurant opened in October 2013, elevating Abalone House to new heights of luxury, decadence and service. The finest local cuisine is now showcased in an atmosphere of pure relaxation and sensual enjoyment.

Reuben Riffel is a celebrated household name in South Africa and is renowned for his culinary prowess. He chooses the best local ingredients, treats them respectfully and prepares them beautifully to create unique taste sensations. Double-baked snoek soufflé with salted apricots, roasted pork belly with chilli-lime and ginger caramel, malva pudding with buttermilk sherbet and Amarula custard hint at the unique cuisine that awaits diners at Reuben’s Abalone House.

“I have always loved Paternoster, since I first visited as a child of 14,” says Reuben. “The place still fascinates me and keeps drawing me back. There’s a unique atmosphere there that is relaxed and special, so I am delighted to have the opportunity to open a Reuben’s restaurant and explore the local ingredients, cook them simply and serve flavoursome food. The menu will be ever changing, though we will certainly keep the signature dishes.”

Brandy at Reuben's Abalone House
The West Coast and brandy are not exactly unacquainted; in fact, they go together like Paternoster and crayfish. What the West Coast hasn’t experienced to any significant extent, however, is a combination of fine brandy, local food and sumptuous living. And who better to present this glorious lifestyle fusion than five-star Paternoster boutique hotel Abalone House and Spa, celebrity chef Reuben Riffel and the South African Brandy Foundation?

The three partners launched a food and brandy pairing at Reuben’s Abalone House as well as a range of brandy-inspired cocktails on April 14 2015. Featured cocktails include the Bojito, Brandle, Brandy Bull, Brandy in the Bos and Franklin, and will be based on some of South Africa’s top-ranked popular and artisanal potstill brandies.

What we offer:
• Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea are served in Reuben’s Restaurant.
• The vibey Bar is ideal for socialising over cocktails, wine, French champagne or one of the single malt whiskies and brandies on offer.
• The elegant Reuben’s Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner to both Abalone House residents and members of the public, but because it is such a popular venue, make a reservation beforehand to enjoy this sumptuous cuisine!
• If it’s a sunny afternoon, the place to be is on the brand new deck: bask in the late afternoon sun while drinking in the fresh sea air and glorious sea views.

Please note although Abalone House does not allow children under 12, we do cater to children in the restaurant strictly during lunch service. Unfortunately we do not permit children during dinner service.

Pet-friendly policy and notice
Please take note that Abalone House & Spa has two resident house cats; Trixie and Chelsea. We take every precaution to ensure that these beloved pets do not disturb our guests' stay. Also note that we do permit small dogs (on a leash) to accompany visitors to our restaurant, however guests are expected to dine on the deck. Please contact us for further information.